Australia needs a new coaching style and skill set, says Pat Cummins

On Wednesday, Australian Test skipper Pat Cummins broke his silence on Justin Langer’s exit as the team’s head coach and said the national team needed a new style of coaching. Cummins further added that the players were fine with Langer’s intense coaching style as he set higher team standards.

Justin Langer resigned as Australia head coach with immediate effect on February 5 after rejecting a short-term extension to the job offered by the country’s cricket governing body. Following Langer’s resignation as head coach, several former Australian cricketers including, Ricky BridgeMatthew Hayden, Michael Johnson criticized Cricket Australia and Pat Cummins for not handling the matter appropriately.

Former cricketers had felt Cummins could have supported Langer given the 51-year-old’s immense contribution to the Australia cricket team during his four-year tenure as head coach. During Langer’s time as the team’s head coach, Australia won the T20 and Ashes World Cup. The Australian side have enjoyed success across all formats of the game after Langer was appointed as head coach following the sandpaper door issue in 2018.

Meanwhile, Cummins broke his silence on Langer’s resignation, saying the national team needed a coaching style and skill set. The Australian Test captain further added that the players were okay with Langer’s intense coaching style as he set higher team standards.

“Justin acknowledged that his style was intense, he apologized to the players and staff for his intensity and I think the apologies were unnecessary. Because the players agreed with JL’s intensity.. and Justin’s intensity has led to a better team culture and higher team standards. These are important legacies. To be better Australian players, from this solid foundation, we need a new style of training and skills,” Cummins said in his statement.

“These are the comments that the players have given Cricket Australia and these are the comments that I understand the support staff have also given. CA made a brave call for the transition, given that the team won. I take this responsibility seriously. I live and breathe. We also have a duty to our comrades,” he added.

Cummins felt he would support his teammates just as the former players defended their compatriots in the game.

“Many former players have contacted me and silently offered their advice, which is welcome. Others have spoken in the media – which is also welcome and comes from the love of the game and their support for a mate. To all past players, I want to say this: just as you have always stood up for your friends, I stand up for mine,” Cummins said.

“There have been a lot of public comments since Justin Langer resigned as manager of the Australian cricket team. For good reason, I did not make a public comment until today. Now that Justin made the decision to step down and gave his own public comments and others by Cricket Australia, I can provide some clarification,” he added.

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