Beetle and McCarthy tear up Patriots coaching staff announcement

Marc “Beetle” Bertrand and Matt McCarthy are tearing the Patriots coaching staff apart after its official announcement on Thursday, as they try to piece together what’s going through Bill Belichick’s head right now.

Beetle: Steve Belichick and Jerod Mayo will coach the linebackers. OK, that’s a lie. I’m sure they’ll coach linebackers, but they’ll coach other players in addition to coaching linebackers because they’re the de facto defensive co-coordinators, which is what they are. And now you have two, I guess, offensive co-coordinators in some way with Judge and with Patricia.

And you have a head coach who is going to have to be involved on both sides of the ball and who is probably too spread out. It comes at a critical time and at a critical time with the team, development, sophomore quarterback, kind of a rebound from losing Brady, it’s still happening, and at 70, Bill Belichick probably going to have to do more work than he ever did as head coach of the Patriots.

Matt McCarthy: I know they don’t appoint a defensive coordinator. We all know who the defensive coordinator is. It’s his kid. It’s Steve Belichick. There’s a reason they don’t give him the title job, because they don’t want it to look like nepotism. We know what it is. Steve Belichick is the defensive coordinator. I happen to think Bill Belichick is going to be a lot more involved on the attacking side of football this year than he has been in years past.

Beetle: So it’s good. I mean, it’s good because I want this. But let me ask you this. If Steve Belichick is the guy who has to be the defensive coordinator or is the guy who’s going to be that backstage guy, do you feel good about that? Who feels like this will lead to good things for the team? And I also think that one thing that’s kind of come up in the last few hours now, since yesterday, is that the Patriots have had a lot of other years where they haven’t named coordinators. And that’s true.

But I think you have to put that in the context of the guys who weren’t officially named defensive coordinator, whether it was Josh McDaniels when he started or Bill O’Brien or it was Brian Flores defensively. I mean, they were guys who were going up and going up pretty much into the job. But there’s like that “pay your dues” aspect of the Patriots. Right now it’s not like there’s this singular guy that you look at and say, ‘Well, he’s the guy and he’s still going to be around next year and he’s going to get the title the year next.” No, they don’t have the guy. They don’t.

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