Best Broncos tweets: It’s over… for the coaching staff

If you watched the penultimate Denver Broncos game of the season, then you’re in good company with the crowd of Broncos loyalists who want those three hours back. Allowing a 101 yard TD is not a good way to win a game. Nor fumble a kickoff return. Neither looks completely helpless on the attacking side of the ball. Any of the above might be surviving – but all of them? Good night Grace.

And it’s not just those three hours that fans want an overhaul for. It’s been the past six years – especially the past two seasons under the disappointing leadership of Vic Fangio, who has been less of the defense-focused power coach some had hoped for and more like a grandfather who just woke up from his life. takes a nap and doesn’t really know what people are talking about, but nods anyway.

With Denver now ousted (again) from the playoffs, fans have had enough — or so it seems from the volume of tweets calling for a change in coaching staff, and not just at the top. We mentioned in our 2022 Broncos resolutions that Fangio had to leave, but so did Pat Shurmur and Tom McMahon. Some fans have extended that call to include every QB we have on the roster. Broncos boosters are ready for this new broom that sweeps clean. For proof, just look at these top twenty post-game tweets from January 2:

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