Big changes in the coaching staff, the commercial value of Garoppolo and Laken Tomlinson or DJ Jones? – Athleticism

How is Kyle Shanahan’s coaching staff changing and why hasn’t the team revealed new signings? How much does Jimmy Garoppolo’s shoulder surgery cause his business value to plummet?

These are all good questions as the 49ers simultaneously round out the coaching staff, shop Garoppolo around the league and assess draft prospects at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Thank you for all these great questions, which as always have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Should we be worried about all this coaching reshuffle, especially with the attack? What does this mean for the development of Trey Lance? -Patrick O.

Yes, I think that’s a legitimate cause for concern. Two of Shanahan’s oldest lieutenants, Mike McDaniel and Bobby Turner, will not be at his side in 2022.

I interviewed Shanahan for a profile on McDaniel, and it was clear that McDaniel had been his most valuable assistant for the past decade or so because McDaniel had worked with all aspects of the offense, especially the offensive line, and because he had been with Shanahan for so long. It was as if Shanahan had another version of himself, a second Shanahan, on staff.

The departure of Rich Scangarello to be Kentucky’s offensive coordinator is also a big deal. He seems to have taken the 49ers by surprise — he’s the only offensive position coach who hasn’t been replaced before the combine.