Bill Belichick discusses Joe Judge and Matt Patricia’s roles on Patriots coaching staff

The New England Patriots are taking an unorthodox approach to replacing Josh McDaniels, and that might be an understatement.

The Patriots still haven’t named an offensive coordinator since McDaniels took over as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. Two Bill Belichick confidants have nebulous titles — ‘offensive assistant’ Joe Judge and ‘senior offensive adviser’ Matt Patricia — but it’s unclear whether either will call plays for the quarterback sophomore Mac Jones.

Speaking to journalists At the NFL’s annual league meeting in Palm Beach, Fla., on Monday, Belichick said the caller’s role has not been officially determined.

“I’m not a fan of titles,” Belichick said, adding that “we don’t need to call any (parts) for a while.”

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The Patriots head coach said he probably won’t increase his staff, which seems to rule out the possibility of Bill O’Brien or Adam Gase being hired to call plays.

“I think our staff is complete,” Belichick said. “I wouldn’t rule anything out, but I don’t think we would necessarily hire anyone else. But we will assess each situation as it arises.”

When asked specifically how he would replace the empty McDaniels on offense, Belichick highlighted four names: Judge, Patricia, tight ends coach Nick Caley and wide receivers coach Troy Brown.

“Great to have Joe Judge back and Matt of course,” Belichick told our Tom E. Curran. “They’re two very good coaches, as well as some of the other coaches we have offensively: Nick Caley, Troy and so on, guys who were here last year. So we’re working on that as best we can here.

“…I think Matt and Joe are very good coaches. Josh is a great coach, but we’ve been through this for a number of years.”

Recent reports indicated that Judge would work with the quarterbacks while Patricia would work with the offensive line, but Belichick hinted that their roles won’t be set in stone until the team is on the field this spring for practices. out of season.

“Everyone will have a defined role, like they always do,” Belichick said. “The off-season is the off-season. Once we’re on the pitch coaching players and planning games and things like that, then it’ll be all right.”

Belichick confirmed Patricia, who is in the second year of her second stint with New England after serving as defensive coordinator from 2012 to 2017, has a “broad role” in the organization.

“Very wide,” Belichick said. “He does a lot of things. He helps me in a lot of ways.”

The spotlight will be on the Patriots coaching staff this season as it enters a crucial year for Jones and an offense that will need to improve to keep pace in a busy AFC. But Belichick seems to believe in the squad he has, even though some of his coaches are multitasking.

“A lot of coaches have taken on multiple responsibilities,” Belichick said. “…I’m not really worried about it. A good coach is a good coach.”