Brian Daboll’s plan to sync up his Giants coaching staff

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New is often linked to improved as if the two naturally fit together. And while improved could indeed be the by-product once the novelty is, well, less novel, at the start of most endeavors there is a need for adjustment, increased familiarity and gradual comfort before any real improvement does not settle.

And that’s where the Giants find themselves, sorting their way through a new front-office hierarchy, led by general manager Joe Schoen and assistant general manager Brandon Brown (formerly of the Eagles), and a new personnel hierarchy. of coaches, topped by head coach Brian Daboll, offensive coordinator Mike Kafka (arrived via the Chiefs) and defensive coordinator Wink Martindale (Ravens), as well as several new assistants.

When a franchise initiates such widespread upheaval, growing pains are inevitable. Like it or not, the Giants at this time of year are behind the teams that haven’t made big changes. Schoen must sync with the existing professional personnel department in time for NFL free agency and must connect with all scouting personnel for the upcoming NFL Draft. Daboll needs to make sure his new coaching staff is on the same page with how they rate players as it’s time to build the roster.