Brian Kelly outlines new defensive coaching staff and explains early push to add transfers – The Athletic

BATON ROUGE, La. — Brian Kelly took to the podium in his first media appearance since December and felt the need to apologize. First, because it was the first time he had spoken since that introduction, and also for being seven minutes late.

He couldn’t find parking in front of Tiger Stadium. LSU’s new head football coach made sure to joke that he hadn’t received the correct credentials yet (it was later discovered that someone may have been parked at its place).

“So maybe I’ll win a few games and get one,” Kelly said with a laugh.

It was an appropriate moment for all in these few months of novelty. He is the new coach of the foreign territory of Louisiana, he continues to know his team, the journalists who cover him and the fan base behind him. He is still trying to figure out where to park and what type of defensive front suits his players best. Still learning the state’s recruiting landscape and what players he can count on in the first year.

But finally, nearly two months after finishing his team, Kelly began introducing those coaches this week, starting Wednesday with the defensive and special teams coaches. He acknowledged that it took a long time to hold this session, but he gave a reason:

“We needed to spend some time together. Seven of the 10 contracted coaches were new coaches to me, as I hadn’t spent a lot of time with them.

Kelly said the theme on his staff is a combination of experience and winning. Aside from cornerbacks coach Robert Steeples — himself an experienced NFL corner — all of Kelly’s assistants bring a wealth of experience to the top of college football.