Celtics PRIDE podcast: Ime Udoka’s coaching style and business insights

The guys at Celtics Pride are together again to talk all things Celtics. They start this week’s episode by offering a few more trade ideas before delving into the recent response to head coach Ime Udoka’s comments and honesty philosophy.

“Honest Ime,” as Adam calls it, is nothing if not direct, and the guys at Pride weigh in on that approach. Contrary to some members of the media, the Celtics Pride team does not see Udoka throwing his players under the bus. Instead, they see his comments as paralleling exactly what all the fans are watching on the pitch. They then promote CelticsBlog’s recent Adam Spinella article supporting Udoka as creating a player-driven culture of responsibility, autonomy and leadership.

They wrap up the episode by explaining why all of the Celtics’ losses could actually be a good thing for the Celtics’ stars and the team going forward. How is it possible ? Plug into knowledge.

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Hosts: Adam Motenko, Josh Motenko (@coachmotenko) and Mike Minkoff (@mikeminkoffnba)

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About the Celtics PRIDE Podcast: Co-hosts Adam Motenko, his identical twin brother Josh Motenko and their friend Mike Minkoff couldn’t help but talk about the team. Now they cater to your Boston Celtics content needs with their regular podcast on CelticsBlog.

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