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BLACKSBURG, Va. — The American Football Coaches Association convention is a time for networking and shmoozing, but also a time for coaches to catch up.

Every year, James Franklin hosts a Penn State dinner at the convention, bringing together old acquaintances who bonded during their time with the Nittany Lions.

When new Virginia Tech coach Brent Pry visited last week, Franklin, Old Dominion’s Ricky Rahne and Marshall’s Charles Huff were present. Pry had recently hired coaches and support staff away from all of them.

“They said, ‘Whoa, whoa whoa! You’re not invited to this table,'” Pry said. has a common thread between what I’m looking for and what these guys were looking for.

It’s been a month and a half since Pry was hired as a coach at Virginia Tech, and he’s just put the finishing touches on his initial coaching staff. Some of the delay was due to prior obligations — offensive coordinator Tyler Bowen and offensive line coach Joe Rudolph were finishing seasons at their previous jobs — while some were just making sure he had done the right checking to fill the staff, which takes time.

“I promised myself and others I trust in this profession that I wouldn’t be in a rush,” Pry said during a Thursday Zoom call with reporters. “It was the advice that was given to me that I wanted to do and I was able to stick to my guns and make sure that we hired the right people, who are going to coach this football team and represent us. in this community and in this state, represent Virginia Tech, represent Brent Pry, so I’m super excited for guys who can join.