Feldhaus and Crawford join Royals coaching staff

Mason County has amassed quite a few starting fives.

It’s on the bench.

The Royals basketball program announced the addition of Deron Feldhaus to the coaching staff over the weekend, rounding out a staff that had plenty of talent during his playing days.

“We might have to get dressed and face our guys,” Royals coach Brian Kirk joked.

With the success on the Mason County football field and a possible late race that could stretch into late November, early December, it might not be a bad idea with the number of multi-sport athletes who will also suit the Royals basketball program. .

Feldhaus will be a college assistant on the staff, deciding to help train his Alma mater.

“Deron has been someone for the past two years who wanted him involved. It was just a matter of timing, he was very appreciative when I asked,” Kirk said. “Deron impresses me with the young children. He has helped with the college team, feeding programs or even given some kids golf lessons. My daughter took golf lessons with him. Just seeing the way he communicates with them shows how successful he will be in helping us. He is a humble guy, certainly someone who is loyal to the program and someone who can transmit and communicate with our children. This is a game changer for our program. What he can provide to improve our team checks a lot of boxes. When he says something in practice, the kids respect him and listen.

Feldhaus played at Mason County from 1984 to 1987, coached by his father Allen Feldhaus Sr. and helped the Royals win a 10th regional title in 1985 and 1987. He is the fifth all-time top scorer in the history of the program with 1,937 points before playing at the University of Kentucky and was a member of “The Unforgettables”.

“His knowledge and experience playing here in Mason County and playing in the UK with the Unforgettables is a guy I can grow from and build on,” Kirk said. “I was lucky and fortunate to have great assistant coaches. You need to have guys around you in every corner to fight for you in every position. Some nights aren’t easy and having a strong coaching staff and support staff around you is necessary to succeed.

Feldhaus brings a presence in which players will want to listen to his knowledge of the game and should help in certain areas, especially with inside players.

Feldhaus joins Robert Myrick, Bradley Boone, Bryson Bennett and Owens Crawford, who was also added to the staff this summer and will serve as the freshman boys’ head coach. Myrick and Boone are also Mason County alumni, Bennett is a graduate of Russell, and Crawford is a graduate of Augusta.

“Owens was one of my old players, he always fought with Mason County. It’s funny how basketball brings everything together and comes full circle. Owens is one of the smartest kids I’ve had to coach. Had a great career at KCU and the biggest word I can use for him is how innovative and creative he is. He’s had a lot of different experiences and styles. Uses his creativity to adapt to our children. We don’t have a set system and we adapt to what we have and the strengths of our children,” Kirk said.

Former assistant Jordan Gilbert is now Green County’s head coach.

“That’s what I want. Coaches who want to be a head coach and want to improve the program. Deron is another one I can trust and he will be well prepared. We want to prepare the guys to be the best they can be. ‘they can and take on the lead role as best they can when I can’t be there,’ Kirk said.