Flyers add more muscle to their coaching staff, and the one who almost fought Evander Kane – Flyers Nitty Gritty

Photo credit: Rebecca McCormick

The Flyers have hired another assistant coach, and it’s Rocky Thompson, formerly of the San Jose Sharks. He will train the offensive side of the puck, especially the Power Play.

Thompson, as noted above, is the Power Play coach. He maintains an aggressive style with the man advantage, and it will be different than last year with the Flyers waiting for something to happen, AKA watching the puck, now the Flyers will use the puck more effectively.

Who is Thompson?

Well, Thompson is a Broad Street Bully, a former enforcer, he also tried to fight Evander Kane after a Power Play meeting, “We were just giving our opinion on what we can do better, and I gave my opinion to some time. , and I think our assistant coach, he might have disagreed with that. Kane told Mercury News. “Anyway, the meeting was over, we’re all getting ready, then talking, and he comes back into the locker room without his shirt on, flexing and doing all the hype and whatnot, and challenging me to a fight. ”

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He was born on April 8, 1977 and is a former Canadian hockey player. Hopefully he helps the Flyers maintain a decent power play, which saw them finish last in the league last season with a 12.55% save percentage. They can only go up from here, can’t they?


Kim Dillabaugh (goalkeeping coach), Daryl Williams, Vinny Yula and Adam Patterson (video coach) have been tapped for the Flyers coaching staff this week, according to Chuck Fletcher: