Ginger Enhances Behavioral Health Coaching Training Capabilities with New National Health and Wellness Coaching Council Approval

Ginger becomes the first on-demand mental health platform with coaching, therapy and psychiatry services to have an NBHWC-approved training and education program for health and wellness coaches

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 23, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gingerthe leader in on-demand mental health care, today announced that The Ginger Training Institute The Behavioral Health Coach Training Program has been designated a Health and Wellness Coach Training and Education Program approved by the National Health and Wellness Coaching Council (NBHWC).

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NBCC Program Approval is a rigorous process that identifies health and wellness coach training and education programs that have met the requirements. Standards published by the CCNBS to prepare capable and competent health and wellness coaches. Graduates of this program are eligible to take the Health and Wellness Coaching Certification Exam to become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC).

The Ginger Training Institute, Headspace HealthThe training program, designed to train the next generation of behavioral health coaches and clinicians in a fully virtual setting, provides multidisciplinary training, support and mentorship based on a foundation of inclusion, diversity, belonging , equity and access. New NBHWC approval builds on Ginger’s industry-leading standards for its behavioral health coaches, which include master’s-level training in a psychology-related field, more than two years of relevant experience, and 200 hours of training supervised on the Ginger platform.

The newly approved program offers Ginger coaches an additional comprehensive ten-month cohort-based program led by a team of Ginger psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, social workers and NBC-HWC coaches. The program has a behavioral health focus with an emphasis on providing culturally appropriate care and affirmation of identity and is designed to help Ginger coaches develop an awareness of their identities. and those of their customers as well as their environmental and societal realities.

“As the global mental health crisis continues to escalate, behavioral health coaching has rapidly gained wide adoption and acceptance by the healthcare community, employers, payers and patients,” said Dana Udall. , Ph.D., Clinical Director at Headspace Health. “Receiving this endorsement from the NBHWC demonstrates our deep commitment to providing our members with the highest quality of coaching, when and where they need it. We are excited to provide this training to our coaches and eventually open our program to the next generation of providers, whose work is changing the lives of so many around the world.”

Behavioral health coaching takes an active, goal-oriented approach to addressing a wide range of subacute mental health issues, from sleep issues to communication difficulties. Ginger coaches are trained to identify the need for next-level care and help transition members to therapy or psychiatric services when needed. They also support people throughout their care journey. Ginger’s team approach has been proven to decrease symptoms of anxiety, as published in the Journal of Medical Research on the Internet (JMIR).

In addition to its behavioral health coaching program, Ginger Training Institute provides clinical training for therapists through a postdoctoral fellowship program, designed for students who have completed both a doctoral program accredited by the APA in clinical or counseling psychology and an APA-accredited internship. This program provides an immersive experience that not only allows trainees to hone their teletherapy skills, but also provides opportunities to develop skills in Ginger’s multidisciplinary team model. The Ginger Postdoctoral Fellowship currently offers four specialized tracks, including Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging; product; research and evidence; and clinical supervision and program development.

To learn more about the Ginger Training Institute, please visit To apply for the 2022-2023 postdoctoral fellowship, please visit our careers page.

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