How many NFL coaches and teams do they have on the coaching staff?

Aperson who follows NFL know that it had to start at some point, and we also know that sometimes it is difficult to begin to understand how things work in this sport. Especially when it comes to technical parts.

All this complexity and specialization in the NFL results in a specialization for everyone, including the technical staff, with a fairly similar structure in all teams with a few exceptions or name changes. We will try to define what these numbers are and what is the mission of each in relation to the team.

How is the technical staff structured?

It is an understanding that there must be a head coach, and above him, at the technical level, there are other figures like the owner (owner) and the general manager (GM). But since we are focusing on the coaching staff, we are including this organizational chart which only considers the organization of the highly technical roles that each team has more or less.

How many coaches are there on an NFL team?

The head coach

The Head Coach (HC) is ultimately responsible for all actions within the team, both offensively and defensively, having to decide what is done in each area. The decisions taken take into account the opinion of specialists in each field.

He is finally the one who is in charge of facing the media to give the necessary explanations about what happened in the matches (normally with the GM and some of the important players of the team).

Offensive Coordinator

The offensive coordinator belongs to the second most important level of the technical organization chart within the team. He is obviously in charge of establishing all the actions concerning the strategies to be defined according to the attack.

Below him are all the coaches specialized in the different positions that exist in the offensive team (QB, WR, RB, etc.), who interact with the players of these positions in specific sessions for each of the roles.

defensive coordinator

Like the offensive coordinator, the defensive coordinator is at the second level of importance and establishes everything related to the strategies of the defensive part of the team. He is also in charge of specialized coaches in the different positions that exist within this “sub-team” with which we have coordinators for LB, CB, DB, etc.

Special Teams Coordinator

As you can see in the organizational chart, we do not have a special teams coordinator, but we can assure you that he exists and has an important role. He is in charge of defining the strategy to be followed in matches as well as coordinating the follow-up of interesting players who are playing for other teams to sign them or in universities for the draft.

As you can see, the structure at the technical level is very complicated. Nothing is easy within an NFL team, so you have to maintain a very specialized structure in order to access all the nuances of every aspect of the game.