Jaire Alexander takes a swipe at the Packers coaching staff

Green Bay Packers

Photo Credit: Mark Hoffman (USA TODAY Sports-Milwaukee)

Apparently the Green Bay Packers gave Jaire Alexander a mammoth contract to cover KJ Osborne?

By now, everyone with a pulse is fully aware of what Justin Jefferson did to the Packers’ vaunted defense on Sunday afternoon. Despite a game plan that was seemingly aimed at stopping him, Jefferson had 184 yards and two touchdowns in an easy victory for the Vikings.

When given the opportunity to downplay the situation, Jaire Alexander chose a different path. He made it clear that he was just as unhappy with the situation as many fans.

Alexander apparently aired his frustrations to several reporters.

The Packers play a certain style of zone defense and have done so since the arrival of Joe Barry. Given the success so far, it seems odd to deviate from it. But it seemed like everyone on earth except the Packers knew what to expect today. Alexander isn’t one to cause drama and his statements certainly didn’t come close to setting the building on fire, but it’s definitely something to watch. I guess when these two teams meet at the end of the year, probably with the division on the line, you’ll see a lot more of Alexander over Justin Jefferson.