Kirk Ferentz on QB plans, his coaching staff and former Player Advisory Board – The Athletic

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Weeks away from his program’s fourth consecutive top-25 finish and a 10-4 result, Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz faced and responded to more than three dozen simple and direct questions.

It was as atypical as a press conference in early February, which is regularly accompanied by smiles and superlatives. Only a handful of questions were asked about new and potential player acquisitions, the usual give-and-take route at this time of year. Topics primarily centered on the Hawkeyes’ offensive woes in 2021 and the state of its former Player Advisory Board.

Here are the four main takeaways from Ferentz’s press conference:

QB is wide open

The most interesting dish comes from the quarterback, who lacked consistent production for two seasons and failed to reach leading scorers for several years. When asked if he expected quarterback competition to be wide open this spring, Ferentz replied, “Yes.”

“Everyone has the right to compete, and I can’t wait to see Joe (Labas) compete as well,” Ferentz said. “He was kind of spoon-fed in December because he was the only one there for a while.

“We have to do better in several positions and everyone knows that. We have to do better if we want to move the ball and score points the way we want.

Quarterbacks Spencer Petras (57%) and Alex Padilla (49%) combined to complete just 55% of their passes to rank 113th nationally last fall. They threw for 12 touchdowns (106th) and 11 interceptions (71st) and their yards per game (180.1) and yards per pass attempt (6.