Klay Thompson: Steve Kerr’s Coaching Style Passed Down Through NBA Legends

You wouldn’t have known it at first glance, but playing for Steve Kerr can have its challenges.

Recognized as one of the most successful and respected coaches in the game today, Kerr’s unique coaching style has shown itself even more this season, as the Warriors learn to balance the competition for an NBA championship. while developing a young and exciting core of future stars.

Following the Warriors’ 122-109 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night, Klay Thompson spoke about Jordan Poole’s progress in his third season and how Kerr’s tough love with the young guard reminds some of the coaches that Kerr has already played for himself.

“He’s come so far from his rookie year,” Thompson told reporters after the game. “He’s a really good NBA player with still room to grow, which is scary because he’s, what, 22 years old? I’m just really proud of the way he’s played this season.

“Oh yeah, especially Jordan’s first two years, Steve was tough on him. He comes from a great place, Steve, he’s pretty easy to play, but he can be demanding. He’s played for some of the toughest coaches. demanding of the game. , whether [Gregg Popovich]or Phil [Jackson] or Lute Olson, he learned from the greatest.”

Poole is one of four young Warriors who will likely make up the next post-Steph Curry, Thompson and Draymond Green era. Jonathan Kuminga, who has steadily improved throughout his rookie season, is proving to be another byproduct of Kerr’s training.

“[Jonathan Kuminga]he’s so talented and he’s very coachable,” Thompson added. “When you have such a talented guy who’s also coachable, the sky’s the limit.”

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Poole’s junior season in the NBA was filled with ups and downs. Nonetheless, his early and late season success put him front and center in the conversation about the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year award.

Without Kerr at the helm, we might not be having this conversation.

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