Latest news on the Patriots offensive coaching staff

With Josh McDaniels leaving New England for Las Vegas, the Patriots have a giant hole in their offensive coaching staff. In traditional Invoice Belichick fashion, it appears the organization is going an unconventional route when it comes to McDaniels’ replacement(s). Although Belichick hasn’t named an official offensive coordinator, the longtime head coach specifically named the former defensive coordinator Mast Patricia and former special teams coach Jo Judge “like those he will rely on to help replace McDaniels”, by ESPN’s Mike Reiss.

“We’ve seen a lot of coaches take on multiple responsibilities. I’m not really worried about it,” Belichick said today when asked about Patricia and Judge’s lack of offensive experience. “I think a good coach is a good coach. Matt is a great coach. Joe is a great coach. They will help us no matter what position they coach.

Patricia had a brief stint as offensive line coach with the Patriots in 2005, but moved to linebackers in 2006 and ended up staying on defense until he got a coaching job- leader in Detroit. Likewise, Judge served primarily on special teams during his first seven years with the Patriots, but he took on the role of wide receivers coach in 2019 before leaving to coach the Giants.

When it comes to the lack of an offensive coordinator, the Patriots have taken a similar route with their defense in 2021, with both Jerod mayo and Steve Belichick guide that side of the ball (as Reiss notes, Belichick said today “he doesn’t believe in titles”). The HC noted that all Patricia, judge, tight ends coach pseudo Caleyand receivers coach Trojan Brown will play an important role in guiding the second-year QB McJones and the Patriots offense. However, Belichick was tight-lipped when asked who would call the games.

“We won’t call anyone for a while” said Belichick. “[McDaniels will] difficult to replace, but I feel like we have very good coaches in our team. … Everyone will have a defined role, as they always do. The offseason is the offseason and once we’re on the pitch training the players, planning the game and all that, it’ll all go away.