Lloyd’s personality manifests through coaching style

One of the main reasons Arizona has had success this season is their ability to play together. For the players, it has a lot to do with the style of play that the head coach Tommy Lloyd introduced.

“It’s funny,” Dalen Terry noted. “I bet it’s also fun to watch. Everyone touches the ball, everyone gets away with it and everyone eats. In defense, we all have our responsibilities. We all do what we need to bring to the table so that we can play as fast as we do and it’s as fun to watch and it’s really fun to play.

Lloyd’s personality is reflected in the way he coaches and the product he helps bring to the field.

“Overall a nice guy,” Terry said. “Jokester. Goofy but serious when it needs to be. Just never knowing what you’ll get with Coach – he’ll always be happy and smiling, but, man, he has different jokes He cracks jokes like everyday, just dude funny.

“Pretty much like DT said, he’s a fun guy,” Benoit Mathurin added. “Come train with a smile. He is also eager to learn. This is his first time as head coach. It’s about learning and passing on your knowledge to us.

The fact that Lloyd likes to have fun doesn’t take away from his competitiveness.

“As the two have said, he likes to crack jokes, but I would also say he’s really competitive.” Justin Kier noted. “That’s something I’ve noticed is that every game, no matter who we play, at what level, it’s really, really competitive.

“I think it instills us too. We see how much he cares and how much he wants to win. It just makes us want to go out there, win for him too, win for this organization.

One of the reasons Lloyd’s personality remains as it is is due to his love of coaching.

“For me, I always tell people, it’s an easy answer: I love coaching and teaching,” Lloyd said. “It’s been good. Everything I’ve done in basketball, I’ve been a part of it before. I had a real comfort level and a belief in what I wanted to do.

“The most important thing for me has been the amount of day-to-day energy. When you’re an assistant, it’s a great job and you work really hard, but you have built-in recruiting days which aren’t easy. , but so are they, you can get away from the group, little mini vacations here and there.

“You have one in three scouts, so you can scout really hard one day and the next day you have nothing. You kind of take a back seat in training.

“As head coach I have to be involved in all of this and all of the planning for the game on a daily basis and you don’t have those natural moments where you just get some air. “For me, the biggest challenge has been the daily energy needed.”