Men’s basketball announces change in coaching staff

On Monday, Aug. 29, Anderson University Athletics announced that men’s basketball head coach Owen Handy had stepped down and assistant coach Carter Collins would serve as interim head coach for the 2022-23 season.

Collins will enter his sixth year at AU, coaching under Handy for the past five years. Collins said: “The most important thing he [Handy] done while he was here was making progress in the program. Collins sees this as an opportunity to continue to ensure the men’s basketball team has a high quality experience at AU.

The team’s second-year student Tatem Ivanyo said: “I was quite surprised to hear the news and I’m sad to see it. [Handy] go, but I think he left the program in good hands and in an ideal position to succeed in the years to come. I thought he was a great coach and definitely left a lasting impact on me. Coach Handy taught us many valuable lessons, from resilience and determination to working as a team and helping each other.

“Guys are going to have to get used to a new coach and a new style of training,” Collins said. “Coach Handy and I were very similar in some ways and also polar opposites in other ways.” He said he saw himself making changes to offensive and defensive strategy, instituting new drills and introducing new training formats.

Although it’s a new role, Collins said he’s been with the basketball team for five years. “So even though I haven’t been the head coach, I’ve always been an active voice in practices and so they [the team] will have a certain level of expectation of what I will be as a coach,” he said.

Ivanyo said: “I’m very confident in Coach Collins’ ability to lead our team and I’m excited to see what the season has in store for us. He’s shown he’s a great assistant coach and he’s already shown he has a ton of confidence in us.

When recruiting, Collins said they are looking for high-quality athletes who have talent on the field, but the main reason for the team’s recent success is that their players are also quality students, campus members and members of the community. This season, Collins notes the team is coming back with experience, but they’re also welcoming six new freshmen and a second transfer.

“Working for Coach Handy was awesome,” Collins said. “I learned a lot from him. He pushed me to grow, and he not only pushed me, but he gave me the opportunity to do that growth by giving me more new and different responsibilities every year. where I was his assistant. I am really very grateful for the time I spent under Coach Handy and he was a very good coach that I could work with.