Miami Dolphins want to keep defensive coaching staff

The Miami Dolphins have yet to hire a new head coach and all reports indicate it will be next week before them. Ian Rapport reports that Miami is scheduling second interviews with Dallas OC Kellen Moore, Bills OC Brian Daboll and 49ers OC Mike McDaniel.

What’s interesting though is that it’s been reported that the Dolphins are also telling the candidates that many defensive coaches are part of the deal and for the record, I agree with that.

The Dolphins defense, when it’s playing at its best, is fun to watch. We have seen them single-handedly win football matches. The personnel brought in over the past few seasons via free agency and drafts have been made with purpose. That goal is to play the style of defense that Miami plays.

Most of the time, new head coaches bring in their own staff, which is certainly their prerogative. I actually think it’s a smart move on Miami’s part. Continuity is very important in football. Miami is lucky to retain some of that on the defensive side of the ball, which I think makes sense.

We know there are going to be changes on the attacking side of the ball. All of the coaches mentioned are attacking coaches, so they will inevitably bring their system with them. Although Daboll of the three worked with Tua Tagovailoa in Alabama, the learning curve may therefore be a bit shorter. We know there will be new offensive linemen and wide receivers and most likely running backs, so why not keep the defense as close to “as is” as possible?

Running a professional football team is obviously very different from many other organizations, but a good employee is a good employee and if the Dolphins executives feel like they have good employees on the defensive side of the ball, why not keep ?