Mike McDaniel wastes no time getting his coaching staff in order

Mike McDaniel wasted no time in making some changes to the Miami Dolphin coaching staff. Mike McD threw his soaking wet 165 pounds around and knocked out defensive backs coach Gerald Alexzander and George Godsey. Next, he lured former great Wes Welker from the San Francisco Dolphins, then decided to keep defensive coordinator Josh Boyer.

Coming out of perhaps the biggest press conference in press conference history, Mike McD wasted no time in letting everyone know who the rooster of the walk was in Miami. We wondered how McDaniel would build his coaching staff and so far I think he is doing a terrific job.

He tapped former 49ers coach Jon Embree to fill that role while serving as his No. 2 in command. Embree is a very respected guy in the league (don’t it seem like everyone is?) He’s done a fantastic job with the tight ends in San Francisco so it’s pretty exciting what he can to do with the plethora of tight ends that Miami employs. Hopefully Embree can work with Mike Gesicki, but who knows? Depending on who you ask, Gesicki can work in this system or he’s the worst kind of tight end in a Mike McDaniel-themed offense. Personally, I think McDaniel is savvy enough to know how to properly use Gesicki, but I’m not sure the Dolphins want to pay to find out.

Then Mike McD did the honorable thing and brought home one of Miami’s nearly forgotten sons, Wes Welker. Welker, if you recall, started his career for real for the Dolphins in 2004. He was a hot spot in the slot before playing the slot was cool. Naturally, the Dolphins didn’t know how to use it the way it was meant to be used and had no idea what they had, and the New England Patriots had no problem sending a pick of 2nd and 7th round for a player no one had ever heard of. It’s almost like the Patriots know something that Miami doesn’t. Welker preceded to have his way with the league for the next decade.

Welker coached receivers in Houston for a few years before landing in San Francisco in 2019. He’s done a really good job coaching wide receivers so far. Like Mcdaniel, Welker knows how to work with professional athletes. Here’s what Deebo Samuel, the guy people think we can just get a clone, thinks of Wes Welker;

I can’t wait to see how Welker unlocks even more of Jaylen Waddle’s game and how he gets the most out of everyone Miami asks to play for them. Welker’s star is up, and I’m glad the Dolphins have it.

Things got bloodier in South Beach when Mike McD went all Vince McMahon and fired half of George Godsey’s offensive coordinators and somewhat beloved defensive backs coach Gerald Alexzander. There could be quite a few injuries piling up in the 305 due to all the people tripping over each other trying to be the one to pack Godsey as he sets sail for Baltimore . Good for him to have found another job, but I’ll never regret the days when Godsey was maybe one of the guys calling plays for the Dolphins.

It would have been nice if Gerald Alexzander could be retained and stay on as defensive backs coach. He helped make the Dolphins secondary fierce. But, I didn’t think he would stick around because of his close relationship with Brian Flores. It is what it is and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was filed like Brian Flores against the NFL case.

Finally and what is the last coaching move that happened this morning. Josh Boyer will be the Miami Dolphin’s defensive coordinator for 2022. I have to say, I’m surprised. I didn’t think anyone on the defensive side of the ball would stick around due to being on other staff and perceived closeness to Brian Flores.

I was hoping Mike McDaniel was going to bring in Vic Fangio to lead the defense. I think he’s better than Boyer. I think Flores was basically leading the defense, with Boyer being like an assistant to Flores last year. Hopefully Boyer has learned a lot and knows what he’s doing because right now the Dolphins are a defensive football team. There is a ton of talent, currently, on the defensive side of the ball. Yes, some guys will be gone but new guys will be brought in as well. Plus there are young guys like Holland, Phillips, Wilkins, Needham, Jones and Van Ginkel who aren’t going anywhere. These guys, along with hopefully Howard, Sieler, Jones and hopefully Ogbah, will be the defense. It is really good. As if that could be scary.

The defense got into a serious run last year, mostly because they started putting tremendous pressure on terrible quarterbacks. Now to think that it can be reproduced in exactly the same way would be insane. But, the elements of last year’s team must be used and they must be used from the opening week and not in the middle of the year.

All in all, I think it’s a very good start for Mike McDaniel in formulating a staff. He has already stated that he will be the one to call the games so we don’t have to worry about trying to solve this riddle. Still, there’s still a lot of work to do, obviously. Preparing for free agency and the draft is what all of these coaches need to do and I’m sure they will. I’m extremely excited for what the future holds, which means I’m ready to get hurt again. This is the life of a Miami Dolphin fan.

As for the Super Bowl, I have the Rams winning 35-23. I think Ram’s defense will end up being too much for Bengal’s offensive line and get two turnovers. Plus, if you’re a betting type, take anything Odell Beckham. I don’t see any reality where he doesn’t have over 100 yards and at least one TD. Enjoy the big game, be responsible and let’s have a weekend.