Monty Williams on Gregg Popovich’s weird coaching style

Phoenix Suns head coach Monty Williams learned a lot from his short time with the legendary Gregg Popovich.

Some may not know this, but Suns coach Monty Williams played for Gregg Popovich for two seasons (1996-98) in the past. At the time, Williams was still “young, quite selfish and insecure”. Unsurprisingly, Coach Pop had to call her from time to time.

While Popovich’s toughness didn’t strike Williams as odd, it was the famed NBA coach’s gesture afterwards that did.

“It was weird getting yelled at in practice and then getting a call later and being asked out to dinner,” he confessed, speaking about Popovich via AZCentral. “It was like he just yelled at me about three hours ago. I wasn’t used to that and then I realized how much he cared about me as a person.

Over time, Williams got used to it and saw the other side of Popovich that stuck with him.

“Selfless, egoless basketball,” added Williams. “Serving your teammate. Work your tail. Seeing a bigger picture than basketball and understanding that we have to work and do what we do from a basketball perspective, but we also have to take care of each other. Care for those who don’t have what we have and being able to share that with less fortunate people.

“That culture probably meant more to me than any culture in my life outside of high school,” he concluded.

Williams and Popovich came together in the Suns’ 108-104 Monday night win over the Spurs. The couple showed love, and Popovich even confirmed that Williams’ story was “true.”

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