Nick Caserio details how the Texans coaching staff fit in

The Houston Texans concluded their nearly month-long coaching search with the promotion of defensive coordinator and associate head coach Lovie Smith in the big role.

After the Texans named Smith their fifth full-time coach in team history on Feb. 7, Houston had to quickly build a coaching staff.

Managing Director Nick Caserio joined Marc Vandermeer and John Harris of Texans Radio on February 23 to talk about how the coaching staff came together after Smith’s promotion.

“We were in high gear there after hiring Lovie to try to solidify the staff even in that first week,” Caserio said. “And then we sank it into the next week. I would say experienced staff, lots of coaches who have been in the league in various capacities.

What Caserio appreciates about the staff is how he has assistants who were former NFL players, as is the case with defensive line coach Jacques Césaire, or who played in Smith’s Tampa 2 system, like assistant defensive line coach Kenyon Jackson did at Illinois. .

However, familiarity with Smith’s coaching system or style is not limited to the defensive side of the ball. New offensive line coach George Warhop served in the same position for Smith when he was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 2014-15.

Says Caserio: “Look at Coach Warhop and his relationship with Lovie in Tampa Bay and even an overlap with [offensive coordinator] Pep (Hamilton) at different times. So what we’re trying to do is try to add some familiar faces so that each side of the ball feels comfortable with the group as we implement new things and make some changes. So from that standpoint, I think everybody’s kind of excited to sort of get in, kind of start, kind of move into the next phase of the offseason schedule.

The offseason schedule begins for Houston on April 8 as teams with new coaches — like the Texans — get an early start. However, the next phase of the offseason schedule works thanks to Indianapolis’ NFL combination.