Nick Saban talks LSU-Alabama game, Brian Kelly’s coaching style

Tigers simply control their own destiny, but take every day to live in the moment. For LSU, getting to this point hasn’t been easy, and it certainly didn’t happen overnight, but the process is taking place.

Brian Kelly is set to face Nick Saban in their SEC West opener in what is sure to be an instant classic. What stands out the most? What are the areas of greatest concern for this group?

We’ve taken a look at the biggest storylines surrounding Saturday night’s game:

LSU vs. Alabama rivalry, importance

Year after year it is a highly anticipated game, but this year is different from the past. With both programs ranked in the Top 10, there’s even more hype surrounding what can happen on Saturday night.

Saban took the time to comment on the rivalry, Brian Kelly and what he hopes to get out of Saturday night’s showdown.

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“They are very well trained. This game still has important implications,” Saban said. “They’re still ranked, we’re still ranked. It’s kind of a rivalry game which is always a very important game. Brian Kelly has done an amazing job there bringing his team, getting better every week.

“We’re going to have to do a great job paying attention to detail, preparing for the game so that we can get more consistent execution and play for 60 minutes in the game.”

Can LSU’s defense contain Bryce Young?

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The Tigers struggle to contain quarterbacks who can extend play with their legs. Sluggish parties against Auburn and Florida, it was their mobility under the center that exploited this defense. But LSU has shown growth since then and it’s imperative they stay on the same course against Alabama this weekend.

This weekend, they will face a huge challenge against Heisman-winning quarterback Bryce Young and his elusiveness on the court. With such a high football IQ coupled with his elite decision-making, this puts Young near the top when it comes to the best signallers in the country.

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Kelly detailed what makes Young so special and what that defense needs to do to slow him down.

“It’s about making sure you don’t allow big plays. You have to stay in the cover,” Kelly said. “If he rushes a few yards here or there, it will happen in the defense structure, but he goes out of cover and loses his eyes and doesn’t stay disciplined.”

Can Jayden Daniels keep playing at this pace?

We’ve seen Jayden Daniels explode into one of the deadliest dual-threat quarterbacks in the conference, but the job isn’t done. LSU’s signal caller only scratches the surface.

A growing relationship with his receivers, while building trust, has seen this offense take off and Kelly feels there is more to come, but so far his growth has been impressive.

“There’s a lot more understanding of where they’re going to be and what they’re doing and he doesn’t need to look down on them,” Kelly said. “He was waiting for these receivers, but now he can get the ball out of his hands without the receiver coming out of his break. They’re starting to have this relationship that wasn’t available to us at the start of the year.

When Daniels clicks, it’s something special. We’ve seen him start to put everything together over the past few games, but continuing his success in the Alabama game is of utmost importance if the Tigers are to earn a win.