Patriots announcer predicts coaching staff will have 1 major absence

When it comes to unbridled enthusiasm about the New England Patriots, look no further than color commentator Scott Zolak, whose shouting through the roof elevated several dynastic moments another notch.

In terms of building an attacking coaching staff, though? Pats Nation better hope what Zolak presented in a 98.5 The sports center appearance on Thursday did not materialize.

Mac Jones is entering his second year in New England, no matter what jermaine wiggins saysand he’ll need a WR1 and an offensive coordinator he believes in to maximize his chances of success.

Jones did managed to swap coordinators in Alabama — just ask his college teammates — but it would be in his best interest to have an experienced guide whispering in his ear this time after Josh McDaniels left. What about current Alabama coordinator Bill O’Brien, a QB whisperer with Patriots ties who helped Tom Brady enter his next decade in the early 2010s?

According to Zolak… not so fast. He doesn’t see “Billy” O’Brien coming to New England, and instead predicts that several different and unexpected voices will share Jones’ ear.

Patriots announcer Scott Zolak thinks Bill O’Brien is out

Of course, this goes against conventional wisdom – passing on O’Brien’s services and putting additional responsibilities on the plates of Joe Judge and Matt Patricia, both coming off disappointing forays into head coaching.

That’s also not to say Patricia’s defense may have appealed to casual observers, but hardcore Patriots fans were done with her “bend, don’t break, but also maybe break” style by the time he flew to Detroit. If he wasn’t so trustworthy on his specialized side of the ball, why should he coordinate the offensive line and parts of the running game?

And why is it all so unnecessarily complicated? Haven’t NFL teams solved this type of conundrum for ages by installing an offensive coordinator as a catch-all? Didn’t we learn anything from the Steve/Bill/Jerod defensive masterclass?

If the Patriots’ intention is to expand the special teams judge’s expertise into an offensive advisory role, we understand.

We still can’t understand why Patricia has failed from defense in Detroit to front office and now running game, and we certainly can’t understand the team refusing to have a veteran guiding position in place for Jones.