Patriots Mailbag: Rebuilding the coaching staff

Why not bring Charlie Weis back as an attacking consultant – to mentor the less experienced but ‘rising’ coaches on our staff. Obviously, Charlie has extensive play calling experience, worked with young QBs such as Tommy Brady and Brady Quinn, he’s a Patriots homer, knows the Pats’ culture and schemes. Don’t make him the face of attack, but let him closely mentor the offensive coaching staff the same way BB does with defense. –Don Taylor

Now that’s not a bad idea, I don’t know if Charlie is ready to get back into coaching life, it seems like he likes doing radio now. But I like the general idea, to add another return to the experienced voices of the team, especially on the attacking side of the ball. Right now, I think they could do well on defense, but they need some kind of big plan in place if they’re going to score the kind of points they’re going to need if they’re going to make any noise in the AFC. . –Mike Dussault

Are there any end-of-draft quality QBs out there that can be a solid backup for the Mac? I think Hoyer is or prepared to become the QB coach if not the unofficial CO. Depending on finding a suitable replacement this offseason, I believe he (Hoyer) will make the transition to the coaching staff. –James McMullen

Sounds like Hoyer would love to keep playing and why not, he’s rooted himself in the area and has a really good mentorship gig which I’m sure beats retirement completely. And don’t forget they also have Jarrett Stidham for this last season.

That said, I think it’s always good policy to develop quarterbacks, you never know what’s going to happen. Look at Garrett Gilbert, he spent most of the year on the Pats’ practice squad before signing with the Washington team and playing one game. Obviously, Mac is the man now for the foreseeable future, but as we see more and more teams begin the search for their next starting quarterback, the more you can do to retain and develop quarterbacks, the better it is for the team and the league. .

Nevada’s Carson Strong will be taken long before the Patriots take him over, but he checks some of the boxes for a Pats QB. –Mike Dussault

After the brilliant news that New England’s Richard Seymour has rightfully made his way into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, do you find yourself wishing for the good old days of terrorizing offensive linemen and the quarterbacks? With the current state of the rush department in New England can you highlight any potential young talent in the next draft that New England might be able to board so we can be feared again like when Richard Seymour was earning his inheritance and reputation?Marc Saez

Seymour was a force on the Patriots defense and would likely be more of an inside defensive lineman now, rather than the 3-4 defensive end he played in the early 2000s. But the overall sentiment is 100% accurate. , the Patriots defense needs to start winning the line of scrimmage and along the edges again, as mentioned earlier in the mailbag. Too many times they were pushed around last year and although Georgia’s Jordan Davis has a different body type than Seymour, he has the kind of winning ability on the line that they need.

I would also take a look at Travis Jones from UConn, Phildarian Mathis from Alabama, and even Devonte Wyatt from Georgia, who is a bit more of a fielder like Barmore, while the other two are two-man players from the old school who can win the battle of trenches. -Mike Dussault