Pete Carroll on coaching staff changes and what it means for Seahawks defense

Carroll later expanded on this thought, noting, “Remember how people just talk about ‘God, all they do is play 3 deep, they don’t play anything else, they must be stupid.’ They had been killing him for years. The fact that our coordinators went all over the league, both sides of the ball, the attacking guys and the defensive guys, it just got harder. It was hard for us. So we stuck with that, but like It’s been, really, four years now that I’ve been pecking at it, with things that we’ve done subtly and we’ve made a bigger change in the last year than we had done, to keep adjusting. We just needed to make it a legit change.”

As Carroll noted, there have been more changes in recent years, from more than 2 safety looks to using defensive fronts at 5 last season, but promoting Hurtt, who has a lot of experience in 3-4 defenses, including time under longtime defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, and adding two coaches in Desai and Scott with whom Carroll has no coaching experience, Carroll has made it clear he is ready to undertake even more changes on the defensive side of the ball in the future.

“I always, always try to keep moving – and sometimes staying the same is moving, because people can’t believe you can do it, or you know, you get better and you can get better” , Carroll said. “But it’s always about finding our ways to help us be more efficient. And so it’s a bit of a bigger leap this time, but it’s no different for me to do that. For me, that seems the same, because I’m always I’m maybe more like that than any member of our team And it has nothing to do with your age It just has to do with the competition, and either you you’re competing or you’re not, like I tell you guys all the time, and that’s how I do it, adapting and growing and pushing You have to push coaches , and I push them as far as I can. And sometimes you have to change, and that’s what happened.”

While Hurtt’s promotion and the addition of Desai indicate more than 3-4 looks – and Hurtt said there will indeed be more – and possibly other elements of the Fangio system, Carroll isn’t looking. whether the 2022 Seahawks are a copy of Fangio’s defense or Carroll’s best of the past decade. He hopes that the combination of him, Hurtt, Desai and Scott can create a defense that can do a lot of different things that make life harder for opposing quarterbacks and offenses.

“We feel we have to do everything,” he said. “We have to use our one-height stuff and our two-height stuff to mix that up and do a really good job. Sean and Karl both bring a wealth of experience to help us with our looks and disguises, and to do as intricate as possible, as hard as possible on the quarterback.

“We’re going to do our own thing. We’re not doing what other people are doing. We’re going to do our thing. In fact, the day before yesterday I was sitting with Karl and Sean and what I was saying to them was: ” As we continue to work on what we know and what we understand, we work to find the best you ever dreamed of, and then find a way to merge that thing together. I don’t care if I’m like another coach or another style or another system or anything, it has nothing to do with what we do. I want to get the best they have to offer.”

And whatever changes occur on defense, Carroll hopes one of the main results will be an improved ability to pressure the quarterback. Echoing Hurtt’s words from last month, Carroll said the defense will be more aggressive in 2022.