Raiders Offensive Coaching Staff: QB Coach Bo Hardegree

After previewing all the Las Vegas Raiders opponents for the 2022 season, we shift gears and take a look at the coaching staff for silver and black.

We start by previewing the Raiders’ offensive personnel.

Bo Hardegree, quarterbacks coach

As we continue to look at the offensive personnel, quarterbacks coach Bo Hardegree is another coach who has followed New England Patriots head coach Josh McDaniels to Las Vegas.

Last season, Hardegree served as the quality control/quarterbacks coach for the Patriots. Prior to this job, he worked for two years with the New York Jets as an offensive assistant.

From 2016 to 2018, Hardegree worked as a quarterbacks coach for the Miami Dolphins. He also served as an offensive quality control coach for the Denver Broncos and was an offensive assistant for the Chicago Bears.

Hardegree came to Las Vegas and immediately got to work, teaching the new system to the four current quarterbacks on the Raiders’ roster.

“We teach the system for everyone,” Hardegree said after practice. “Yeah, it’s my job to make sure I put him (Derek Carr), to give him the best ability to be successful when he comes out on the court. And that’s what I do every day from his exercise work, from my meeting prep to teaching the system.

“But that’s what we’re doing right now. It’s just teaching the system. We’re starting from a baseline and we’re just building that foundation right now.

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It was also helpful to have quarterback Jarrett Stidham in Vegas because Hardegree worked with him last season with the Patriots.

“That’s a plus,” Hardegree said. “You know at any time, I’ve moved a couple of times, a few different teams… if you have someone who has the prior knowledge to maybe tie something together, that’s definitely an advantage and he’s been great for the whole room. He’s a great guy, a great worker. And obviously I spent a year with him before in New England, so that’s been good. That’s been positive.

Carr also said Hardegree performs the most drills of any trainer he has worked with.

It’s for a reason.

“Well, what I do is try to identify things for improvement,” Hargree said. “Whether it’s watching the previous tape, things that have worked in the past, or whatever we’re really doing, I try not to just do exercises. It’s just something to correlate his improvement which is going to show either in training or in games and that way he can see the ‘why’. And that’s what I try to do with everything I do, is explain the “why” of everything to these guys. »

Obviously the Hardegree training style is a big advantage for the Silver and the Black.

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