Shawn Michaels Addresses NXT Training Style – TJR Wrestling

NXT boss Shawn Michaels has spoken.

During a recent interview with ComicBook, Shawn Michaels, WWE’s Senior Vice President of Creative Talent Development and Head of NXT Development Brand, was asked about wrestler training and education and how the skills have evolved. things from the 90s, when Michaels was teaching at his Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy to now in NXT.

“I will say this, most of the general aspects of coaching fall to Matt Bloom, who is a phenomenal head coach at the Performance Center. But the great thing that Hunter put in place many years ago is that we have it all covered. You have people from a number of different eras, a number of different styles, and we continue to build on that. I think we will all agree that the industry, like any sport or genre of entertainment, continues to change and grow, and we must continue to change and grow with it.

I will say one thing that I know we have in common, what I know we do at the Performance Center and definitely did at Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy, is that we don’t put anyone in a box. The one thing we like to do is make it a collaboration between us and individual talent. This is something that we obviously implement with great, great success.

…Obviously we teach the basics, we teach the fundamentals, but then you’re allowed to grow into the style of superstar you want to be. We don’t want to paint you like that the way you just have to stay in that box. We want them to be able to find who they are, to experiment, to take risks, to take risks, and that’s what NXT is about.

NXT Halloween Havoc takes place this Saturday, October 24 on Peacock and WWE Network.