Should the Detroit Pistons add this former player to the technical staff?

Detroit Pistons star forward Rasheed Wallace was set to join former teammate Darvin Ham in the Los Angeles Lakers coaching staff next season.

Wallace previously served as an assistant coach at the University of Memphis with Penny Hardaway and Larry Brown, and spent one season as an assistant for the Pistons.

I absolutely hate the Lakers, so I wasn’t incredibly happy to see one of my all-time favorite Pistons join the enemy.

Wallace is just one of many former Pistons from that era who became coaches, an impressive coaching tree that shows just how smart this team was.

But according to Shams Charnia of the Athletic (SUBSCRIPTION), that is no longer the case and Sheed will not be joining the Lakers.

Should the Detroit Pistons pick up the phone and call Rasheed Wallace?

Why the Detroit Pistons should consider Rasheed Wallace for a coaching job

Rasheed Wallace was one of the most controversial figures of his era, the type of player you love if he’s on your team but hate if he’s not.

Whatever you think of his antics and technical fouls, no one is claiming that Wallace was one of the smartest players of his era, a defensive wizard who was truly the final piece of the Goin’ to Work championship puzzle.

His style of play was actually ahead of his time and would be perfect for the modern game, which is one of the reasons he would make a great coach for the Detroit Pistons.

The Pistons have already brought back the legendary Ben Wallace, so why not bring in the other half of one of the best forward defenses of all time?

The Pistons currently have five players who can play center and could use a coach who knows how to teach footwork, post-game and pop-and-roll, all things Wallace excelled at.

He is also very familiar with Pistons rookie Jalen Duren, whom he coached last season in Memphis. He therefore already has relationships with key players in the team.

Whether as an assistant coach or some type of positional consultant, I have no problem with a meeting between the Detroit Pistons and Rasheed Wallace.