Smart Quest Celebrates 15 Years of Enriching Lives Through Professional Coaching Skills

At a time when coaching is seen as the keystone of societal success, Smart Quest, the premier provider of professional coaching skills training in Sri Lanka, celebrates 15 years of rewarding lives.

This milestone is an exceptional achievement for a local company with global reach, having impacted many lives over its illustrious journey. Their success lies in the proverbial strength of the triple accord consisting of a partnership of professional coaches; Andrea Jayatilleke, Jayantha Fernando and Anil Bandara, in addition to a team of highly motivating members and the changed lives of their clients who allowed themselves to be partners in their journey of people process and organizational transformation.

Directors of Smart Quest (from left to right): Anil Bandara, Andrea Jayatilleka and Jayantha Fernando

Reflecting on the purpose of Smart Quest, Founder, Andrea Jayatilleka, along with her partners, Jayantha Fernando and Anil Bandara said, “We are intentional in our quest to serve humanity by fully engaging in ‘capacity building’. “, enabling individuals, groups, teams, organizations, institutions and societies to fully participate and engage in real challenges, to act to their greatest capacity and to embrace constant change with adaptability and agility continue in a unique way.

“The evolution of our service offerings bears witness to the true transformation of the organization. We have moved from supporting talent acquisition and development to organizational and community transformation. Today, our main bespoke offerings are in the areas of organizational development consulting, leadership development, executive search, outsourced services and training services. Our interventions are based on positive psychology and transpersonal psychology which enable positive mind shift and alignment of cognitive resource transformation and beyond.

Smart Quest is the brainchild of its founder, who at a young age decided to pass on the knowledge gained from her mentors in the field of consulting and people development. With further inspiration and encouragement from his father, the idea manifested into an entity that is focused on providing the most sustainable group of people and process transformation solutions in the region.

The culmination of courage and passion to share their wisdom and impact the people around them was the next phase of the journey as three uniquely diverse individuals converged to enhance the vision to impact positive change in the world around them.

As an organization, Smart Quest has always ventured into unknown areas with flying colors. The beginning of Jayantha’s vision to develop 100 coaches in Sri Lanka evolved as a shared vision to go beyond borders and expand to reach hitherto uncharted territories such as the Maldives and Bangladesh. Smart Quest is the hub of coach-centric training and coaching services in Sri Lanka with over 170 coaches who have achieved internationally recognized accreditations and established themselves in their fields. “As the cornerstone of coaching, we continuously harness the learning of our coaching community to reach their highest potential, which increases our ultimate goal for the world,” the trio said.

“A truly global mindset is reflected in everything we do. Our strategic collaborations have created leverage for the service offerings and transformation we are able to bring to our clients,” he said in reference to the strategic collaborations initiated by Smart Quest over the years. For example, Coach Masters Academy Sri Lanka, the brainchild of the five-year partnership between Smart Quest and Coach Masters Academy – Singapore, is paving the way to further strengthen the offer of coaching education to professionals in Sri Lanka and neighboring countries.

Coach Masters Academy is an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited coach training facility. It is also a unique global company operating in five continents, 26 countries and 35 cities around the world and a globally distributed company and partnership. In addition, Onefluencer offers an inspiring range of internationally recognized Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP) training. NLP training is offered at different levels to meet your unique needs through Foundation, Practitioner, Master Practitioner to Trainer training. Each course is unique and offers experiential learning on many levels.

As craftspeople aiming for mastery, Consultants continually evolve in their learning and growth and are committed to delivering real-time learning supported by cutting-edge technology to enable a more successful learning experience. “Our faculty includes local and international coaches on five continents. Our philosophy of improving human quality of life and optimizing work performance has proven to be of paramount importance to our success,” said the Smart Quest partners.

Changing the trajectory of lives is embedded in the mission of its coaches who tap into the inner potential of individuals and create insight to move forward with courage. The imperative of its modus operandi is the collaboration of the right people to enable creative thinking and facilitate transformation. Additionally, the relationship established with customers is the discerning factor that has enabled Smart Quest to positively impact the community by shaping the future.

Call it an epiphany or a eureka moment, but for those who have had the privilege of participating in programs run by Smart Quest, the result is life changing! The testimonials claim the positive transformations that have taken place among the participants and not a single person is spared. The support, advice and coaching offered by the consultants of Smart Quest, the region’s most sought-after organizational and social transformation specialist, has had a ripple effect since its inception fifteen years ago.

Through its strong values ​​based on respect for every person has a voice, integrity in consistency with spoken words, a winning attitude towards developing and celebrating people, uplifting impacted communities and adding value to the world and evolution across diverse teams and connections that results in the creation of innovative solutions, Smart Quest is on its way to creating a better future.

“Over the years, our Smart Quest team has proven that awareness is the primary driver of performance, which helps engage people towards the vision, increase productivity, promote collaboration, increase work efficiency leadership and experience holistic wellness.”

“We believe in partnering with our customers and growing together to create a better future. We strive to positively impact people, process organizations and the community as a whole to create impactful change that reverberates through the ages.