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Maxim Morozov, a student of the Institute of Cybersecurity and Information Protection, took 1st place at the All-Russian Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Rock and Roll tournament. Under the guidance of black belt holder coach Rashid Madayev, he prepared for the competition in just one month and showed a very decent result.

It was my first competition in this sport and therefore my first victory, said Maxim. “I’ve been doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu for about a year now. I signed up for wrestling at the start of the school year as a physical education section, but I had no idea what kind of wrestling it would be. I went to PE class with Rashid Madayev all first semester and asked him about the night class he was teaching. He said, ‘Buy a kimono and come.'”


Winning team
Valentin Kim and Mikhail Korzhov of IKNT’s Top Spin bowling team were the best in the 5th University Doubles Bowling Tournament.

A total of 13 teams took part in the tournament, our guys played the two-game qualifier and made it to the final game, where they won all four joints.

Bowling is relatively new to me, if you count training and practicing the technique, before that I used to get together with friends on a regular basis. It’s interesting, it allows me to distract myself from my studies and my work, says Valentin.

Mikhail Korzhov had never participated in doubles tournaments before. It was an unexpected experience, thanks to my partner Valentin Kim for a great game, shared by Mikhail. When I learned that the Polytechnic University had a bowling team, I decided to give it a try. Of course, the coach, Master of Sports Anastasia Fedorova, puts a lot of effort into it. She is also one of the organizers of the tournament.


The Polytechnic University soccer team has a new coaching staff. Now head coach Stepan Verbitsky, coach Evgeny Chupalov and selective coach Anatoly Dimitropulo are working with our team.

In an interview with SC Polytechnic, Stepan Verbitsky said he has a liberal approach to team management: …I’m in constant dialogue with the team. I respect every player I have under my wing, every one of them is a really unique and awesome guy! But at the same time, I do not tolerate any terms of slap on the back – my kindness should not be confused with weakness.

Ice Hockey

hockey team
On February 23, the “Winter Classic” match of the St. Petersburg Student Hockey League was held, where the Polytechnic team played against the hockey team of PF Lesgaft University. Our guys won with a score of 6-5.


On the same day, a “Defender of the Fatherland Cup” combat sambo tournament was held. IMM&T student Arseniy Sandetsky took 1st and 3rd place among experienced athletes, and SMI’s Firdavs Zikrillaev took 2nd place among beginners. Polytechnic students took second place overall.


Roman Shevliakov
Roman Shevlyakov, silver medalist at last year’s Russian swimming championships, is preparing for the next national championship, which is scheduled for the end of April in Kazan. According to the athlete, it will be a qualifying start for the World, European and World University Games.

Last season was successful for Roman; he was included in the Russian national team for the European Championship in Kazan and participated in his first participation in adult international finals. After winning two individual silver medals (50 and 100 m butterfly) at the Russian Championships in St. Petersburg, he went to represent our country at the World Championships in Abu Dhabi, where he and his team won third place in the relay.

I was born in the city of Engels, located on the banks of the Volga, and my grandparents’ dacha, where I spent every summer, is literally 50 meters from the shore. So my brother and I spent a lot of time in the water, Roman told me about his early days in the sport. My grandfather taught us to swim doggy style. During another training session, I joined him as usual and swam backwards on my back. Grandfather was very surprised, ‘Who taught you?’ I said, ‘No one, it’s just more comfortable.’ After that, he decided to take me to swimming class. My first coach, a wonderful teacher and mentor Yuri Dmitrievich Tyulin, played a huge role in my development as an athlete. And in 2014 I moved to St. Petersburg at the invitation of coaches whom I met at training camps, Andrei Stepanov and Valery Albertovich Izmailov, with whom I still train.


IKNT student Vladimir Zakharov won first place in the “difficulty” discipline at the St. Petersburg climbing championship.


The first stage of the All-Russian ski orienteering competition of the Winter Universiade took place in Lembolovo (sprint and classic). The Polytechnic team took second place in the team event. IET student Kirill Babayev showed the third result for men in both disciplines, and Sergey Krasilnikov finished fourth on the second day of competition. Anna Litvinova also made a significant contribution by finishing seventh in the classic. Sergey and Anna, by the way, graduated from Polytechnic University, but according to the rules of the competition they had the right to help the team achieve a good result.