The problem with the Patriots coaching staff is the roles, not the personnel

In Wednesday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Beetle expressed his frustration with the New England Patriots coaching staff who continue to be respected by various media outlets because of Bill Belichick and former head coaches currently. members of the coaching staff.

Zo: Would you have a better view if Matt Patricia was brought back and handed over to the defense?

Beetle: Yes! How obvious is that? Holy shit. He is not there to coach the defense. He trains the attack, an attack he has never trained. Positions he never coached. Are you kidding me? Yeah, I would have a very different view of Matt Patricia as defensive coordinator right now. Yeah, that would do me good. I could see that. You would also have a clear guy.

Matt Patricia being on the defensive side of the ball right now would eliminate the issues we talked about last year that started leaking with speaking staff members in the offseason, as Andrew Callahan reported in the Herald on the way there were communication issues in that meeting room because no one knew who the hell was boss. And it still exists, by the way. It’s still a problem here in 2022.

No, there are guys who aren’t good head coaches who can still be good coordinators. Matt Patricia was not a bad defensive coordinator. He just wasn’t the best defensive coordinator. But he does not train the defense. If Joe Judge was back as special teams coach, I would be thrilled. In fact, I suggested it at the start of the offseason. We talked about it on that same show, when I said they should fire Cam Achord if they could get him, they could get Joe Judge back as special teams coach. He was good when he coached special teams. This is where his coaching experience lies. This is where his resume was built, coaching special teams.

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