Tyler Davis, Ruke Orhorhoro on Nick Eason’s Coaching Style, Wes Goodwin, Defensive Tackle Room

Monday after training, Clemson defensive tackle Tyler Davis and Ruke Orhorhoro met the media.

The main takeaways are below.

— On the state of mind of the defence:

Orhorhoro: “We’re just trying to go out there and compete, man. Take it step by step and day by day so we can be the best in the country.”

Davis: “I really try to dominate every play, every snap, for real.”

— On Nick Reason:

Davis: “I’m learning a lot from him, pass-rush and in the running game. It’s a lot of fun.”

Orhorhoro: “He’s a great guy. Full of energy. Keeps us on our toes every day.”

— On Eason’s coaching style:

Davis: “He’s got some drills that aren’t very orthodox for us right now, but we’re still learning them. All the hand-fighting and pass-rush stuff that we’re doing. Coach Bates, we We’ve done more pop-ups, Coach Eason, we’re doing more hand-to-hand combat.”

Orhorhoro: “I’m just trying to adapt to his coaching style. I’m very happy with Coach Swinney’s decision to hire Coach Eason. I feel like that’s the one of the best hires you can ever do. Back home he’s been in our shoes, walked around this campus. Now he’s teaching us the ropes and his style.

Echoes Davis’ comments that Eason is a big fighter.

Eason called Clemson’s d-tackles after getting the job.

“We didn’t talk about football, that’s how I knew he was genuine. We talked for 30-40 minutes, he was just getting to know me and telling me about himself. I got my parents’ phone numbers.”

— On areas for improvement:

Davis: “I just have to stay healthy.”

He said he couldn’t wait when the whole d- paraphernalia was healthy.

Orhorhoro: “There are so many different combinations you can come up with and keep us cool. So many different avengers. I’m Black Panther, by the way. He’s the best avenger.”

Davis: “We kind of chose our names based on our style of play. I’m Iron Man. KJ Henry is Captain America. XT is Thor. Bryan Bresee is Hulk, smash everything. Myles Murphy is Spiderman because he is very flexible.”

– Davis said Payton Page was moving “much better, like much better” than last year, his weight loss noted.

Said Demonte Capehart recovers to good health and takes it out.

– On whether he was considering following Todd Bates to Oklahoma:

Orhorhoro: “No, I’m here for life. I love Clemson.”

Davis: “No, we like Clemson.”

— On Wes Goodwin:

Davis: “I love Coach Wes. He’s very cool. He lets us go out there and play and really go after it.”