Urban Meyer’s ‘unbalanced’ coaching style is causing internal problems at Jaguars, report says

Things are already up in Jacksonville.

According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, Urban Meyer’s Jaguars tenure got off to a rocky start, with coaches and players looking very rebuttal to the first-year head coach’s snarky behavior during preseason, practices. and meetings.

La Canfora reports that Meyer’s temperament allowed for “red flags” early on as head coach, with some questioning his ability to last an entire season given his summer conflicts with the team.

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“There is sometimes a disconnect between staff members who have a lot of professional experience and those who lack it, and morale has suffered as the explosions have continued,” reports La Canfora. “His fiery remarks to players and coaches after games already seemed bizarre to many.”

La Canfora, citing sources, reported that Meyer had threatened his team members’ job security following pre-season losses, continuing to “belittle coaches”. Meyer also struggled to determine the timing of the installation and other NFL planning elements, which caused additional delays and difficulties for the coaching staff.

The Jacksonville members are also upset with Meyer’s seemingly control-obsessed attitude, with Meyer taking charge of practice drills when they are not performed to his exact specifications and expectations. According to La Canfora, there are also questions regarding Meyer’s hold on NFL personnel with the team.

“He already has everyone looking over their shoulders,” a source told CBS. “He gets off balance too easily and he doesn’t know how to deal with defeat, even in pre-season. He loses it and wants to go back to training himself. It’s not good.”

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A longtime and incredibly successful college head coach, Meyer is making his foray into the NFL sphere this year, his first as Jacksonville’s head coach. With the Jaguars’ hiring of Meyer and the selection of prodigy Trevor Lawrence as the No. 1 overall pick, they ushered in a new era of Jacksonville football.

Unfortunately, it apparently didn’t get off to a good start for everyone involved.