UWG women’s basketball gets new coaching staff

Joanna Reitz joined the staff at Western Georgia University as the new women’s basketball coach in April. Not only bringing its own expertise, Reitz also hired new employees to help and use their skills for the team.

Reitz comes from a career as a high-level assistant coach in D1 and D2 schools. Before coming to Carrollton, she attended the University of Utah, University of South Carolina-Aiken, Mercer University, Shorter University, and Florida State University. Reitz herself played basketball at Covenant College.

After serving as an assistant coach for many years, Reitz now serves as head coach.

“When I interviewed, I was impressed with the leadership and camaraderie of the staff,” Reitz said. “Second, I loved the opportunity to be the head coach. Finally, I loved the idea of ​​balance. When I was at Utah, I was working constantly and I was always on the road. Being here, it won’t be like that.

Wolves season is right around the corner and she couldn’t be more excited to start this season with her new daughters.

“I love seeing our team improve,” Reitz said. “Already in these two months, I have seen an improvement in the level of skill as the individuals and the team improve. I am delighted to see the team improving every day.

This season is going to be a big rebuilding year for the women’s basketball team. They are starting from scratch to be the best in the division. Reitz has many goals for improving the program.

“There are really three simple things that make a team great,” Reitz said. “These three things are talent, culture and habits.

“Talent comes from recruiting and working on player development,” Reitz continued. “Culture is what we are right now. It defines who we are. It’s just the behaviors we allow and how we act. I am thrilled with the group I have now and the foundation we are building for the years to come.

Rearranging a new atmosphere under his coaching style and standards will require teamwork above all else. Not only navigating the new dynamic with the coaching staff, but also with the new players on the roster. UWG women’s basketball has a long, fun season ahead of them.

As a new team, they have the potential to develop stronger skills and transform. The women’s basketball team has a bright future ahead of it.