Warriors Big Man makes shocking revelation about Steve Kerr’s unique coaching style


  • Steve Kerr has led the Golden State Warriors to three NBA championships since joining the team in 2014
  • Warriors center Kevon Looney praised Kerr’s approach
  • Stephen Curry previously revealed how Kerr won him over his beloved former coach

For Golden State Warriors big man Kevon Looney, Steve Kerr ticks all the boxes for a great coach.

Kerr was a mainstay on the Warriors team that took the modern NBA by storm.

In recent Dubs championships, most of the credit has gone to star players such as Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

However, Looney – now playing his seventh season with the Warriors – the talent is already there, but Kerr’s unique approach certainly takes their game to “another level”.

“[Coach] Steve always talks about being fast, loose and disciplined,” Looney said during a recent appearance on 95.7 The Game’s “Morning Roast.” “That’s been our motto for years here at the Warriors. He gives the players a lot of freedom, but he also has the ability to roll them up, you know.”

“All the new guys talk about the freedom they have here and the openness and trust Steve has in the players,” he added. “That’s the most important thing. Confidence is key. At this level a lot of guys have talent but when you have the freedom and the green light to do what you’re doing it takes your game to another level. .”

Steve Kerr thinks the Warriors have set the bar high. In this photo, Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors complains about a call to referee Rodney Mott #71 during the second half of their NBA basketball game against the Los Angeles Lakers at ORACLE Arena in Oakland, Calif., on 25 December 2018. Photo: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Prior to Kerr, the Warriors were led by Indiana Pacers legend Mark Jackson, a coach Curry greatly admired.

After just a few seasons, Jackson and Curry developed a strong bond that went beyond just basketball. When Kerr took over the Warriors in 2014, Curry was skeptical of his general skills because he “loved” everything about Jackson so much.

But like Looney said, Kerr’s impeccable approach and coaching style ultimately won Curry’s approval.

“Sometimes you have coaches who want to be the hero, you know,” Curry said on “The Rex Chapman Show” in April. “I did that, I made those specific changes, and that’s what’s going to get us there.” ‘. [Kerr] it’s like, it’s just a different entry, if you will, of how he wanted to take our success of a great defensive team, a really talented offensive team, and unlock it.

“That, for me, sort of disarmed me a bit, to be like, ‘Okay, I can roll with this.’ Because you know how much I loved Mark Jackson back then too. It was a big change for me.”