Wisconsin coach Paul Chryst explains why he remodeled coaching staff, Caleb Williams rumors and more roster updates – The Athletic

MADISON, Wis. –When Paul Chryst was asked about the importance of an upcoming offseason during his tenure as Wisconsin football coach, his standard response is one that doesn’t offer much deep insight: They’re all great. But not all off-seasons are created equal. And Chryst understood that, while they were all important, the challenges he faced at the end of last season made this one particularly important.

“I felt like changes needed to be made,” Chryst said. “It doesn’t necessarily always mean personnel changes either. But if we wanted to move forward, we had to do some things differently.

Chryst spoke to reporters Monday before the start of Wisconsin’s spring training on Tuesday for the first time since the Badgers ended their season at the Las Vegas Bowl on Dec. 30. At the time, Chryst wasn’t ready to tackle the future, largely because he wanted to enjoy the win over Arizona State but also because he didn’t have all the answers about the precise direction he was going. he was going to take.

However, the past three months have given Chryst plenty of time to figure out his plan, which he laid out in a lengthy interview session that lasted 41 minutes. There was a long way to go given Chryst revamped his coaching staff in a way he hadn’t done since taking over the program before the 2015 season.

Wisconsin’s offense exploded for long stretches last season, averaging 25.4 ppg a season after the Badgers averaged 25.1 ppg – the first time the program had had consecutive seasons averaging less than 26 points per game since 1991-92.