Women’s taekwondo, squash talent hunt coaching, training camp starts in town

PESHAWAR, (APP – UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – September 13, 2022): Women’s taekwondo and squash training camps in search of talent led by qualified coaches kicked off on Tuesday at two different venues, the indoor gymnasium and the Qamar Zaman squash complex.

Women’s sports director Rashida Ghaznavi, two national gold medalist taekwondo coaches including Nazia Ali and Momina Khan, squash coaches Tahir Iqbal and Fazal Mehmood, officials, players and representatives of KP Taekwondo and Squash associations were also present.

The purpose and objectives of holding the Talent Hunt training and training camps are to provide much needed qualified training and training facilities to their daughters aged 16-20.

Rashida Ghaznavi said on this occasion to the medalists that they want to develop a pool of talented girls in different games and that is why they organize various game camps so that these players represent the province at the Inter-Provincial, National Junior and Senior Games and maintain raise the name of the province against the other provinces.

She said these were very clear directives from Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mehmood Khan, Sports Minister Muhammad Atif Khan, Sports Secretary Muhammad Tahir Orakzai and Director General of Sports Khalid Khan to have chances. equal for future players and similar camps would also be set up in various districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including merged tribal areas.

She said Momoona Khan and Nazia Ali, the two national gold medalists, train and train the girls with qualified coach Waqar Afridi, who is also secretary of KP Taekwondo association, while the international squash coach Tahir Iqbal and Fazal Mehmood were providing training. to female players.

She said 20 girls each in taekwondo and squash are currently in the camps and will continue for 10 days. She said that during the camps, the girls would be provided with all facilities including sports kits and equipment, in addition to being coached by qualified coaches.

Taekwondo camps including Bushra, Safina, Nabila, Laiba Mary, Muqqaddas, Waheeda, Iqra Wakil, Jawaria Mujahid, Areeba Farooq, Laiba Jjaz, Sameeda Shoukat Ali, Seema, Wannia, Kulsoom, Shamka and Nadia Shahzad with two coaches Nazia Ali and Momoona.

Squash girls Zohra Abdullah, Kalsoom Abdullah, Sana Bahadar, Hira Aqeel, Manahil Aqeel, Ghazala, Nimra Aqeel, Wajiha Altaf, Naheed, Hifsa. Tahir Iqbal and Fazal Mehmood are the coaches. Women’s sports director Rashida Ghaznavi said under the auspices of the provincial sports department, the series of training camps are being held for both boys and girls.

She said that in the first phase, more than 50 table tennis and badminton players were trained under the supervision of qualified coaches in Abbottabad and Swat.

After Taekwondo and Squash, athletics camps and other games will also be organized. She said the training camp will improve the players’ skills and they will be able to win provincial honors at the national level.

The organization of the camp will give opportunities not only to national players but also to young junior boys and girls so that they can reach national and international levels.